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Top 10 Reasons Why You Need a Monitor Arm

1. Work at Eye Level

Find your most comfortable, ergonomic working posture with your monitor at eye level

2. Organise Your Desk

Declutter, organize, and optimize your workspace

3. Increase Productivity

Increase productivity with an elevated dual, curved, or large monitor setup that’s comfortable

4. Collaboration

Collaborate more easily by swivelling and rotating your screen and position, fixing it at the perfect height for sharing

5. Sit or Stand While Working

Enjoy optimal monitor ergonomics from sit to stand

6. Comfortable Viewing with Corrective Lenses

Master the placement of your screen for comfortable viewing with corrective lenses

7. Total Control

Enjoy total control over the placement of your monitor(s) and visual display of your work

8. Quick Adjustability

Give your hotdesking employees the ability to quickly and easily find their comfortable fit at each hotdesk

9. Eye Strain Relief

Prevent Digital Eye Strain (Computer Vision Syndrome) long-term

10. Prevent Neck Injuries

Protect yourself from computer neck pain (Tech Neck), and shoulder pain from sitting at a desk
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